For Those Who Care...


Steps For You To Take

For over 50-years Memory Park has been available to assist individuals after the loss of their beloved pets. We provide compassion and support in every way possible during this time of emptiness.

We come to you: A simple phone call initiates our visit to your location. We understand the urgent need to have your pet removed at this somber time. 

We go to the veterinarian: Your loss may have occurred at your vet. We will be in touch with the facility, pick up the pet and then contact you for burial arrangements.

You come to us: We can make arrangements for you to bring your pet to the cemetery if you desire. 

Services: If you wish you can come to the cemetery for visitation prior to the burial. The casket can remain open with your pet in a sleeping position laying on the silk pad and pillow or can be sealed prior to your arrival. We can say a short prayer if you wish. You can leave at that point or stay as the casket is placed in the grave and covered. A small marker is placed on the plot along with a flower to designate location. A stone may be purchased from Memory Park for a permanent marker.

Cremation: This option is available with cremains provided to you in a beautiful Urn or placed in a burial plot within a few days.