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Pets and Peace STL Obituary

        Partnering with one of the largest pet cemeteries in the Midwest, Memory Park Pet Cemetery, we have designed a location for beloved pets to be memorialized.

        We offer at NO CHARGE, a website that honors your pet with pictures and deep emotions, an 'Obituary Section For Pets'.

        It is very easy to do. Simply email pictures, dates and information about your pet and names of the individuals that loved them. They will be arranged in alphabetical order of the guardian who was their 'best friend'. Keeping the content to around 50-words would be appreciated.

        EMAIL pictures in JPEG & information in WORD form to (click on link):

        MAIL information to: Pets and Peace STL c/o Memory Park Pet Cemetery P.O. Box 771 Manchester, MO 63011

        CALL with any questions: 314.576.3030

       Memory Park Pet Cemetery is proud to have over 50-years of providing the final resting place of over 2,800 faithful pets over its 5-plus acres near Hwy. 141 & Big Bend.

        We are proud to provide this opportunity to honor your pet just the way they were by your side with their unending love.

       For more information on the cemetery go to (click on link):


A through M

       *Baute, Chase Snappy was my pet for 13 years and I lost her when I was 21. She was a Labadoddle. A big dog with short curly hair and always there for me during bad and good times. I miss her a lot. (1993-2005) 

       *Johnson, Melanie                                                              GOLDIE                          Our Beloved Goldie was very intelligent and knew how to get his way (extra treats) along with keeping everyone on his schedule. Goldie taught us the true meaning of a best friend with loyalty, compassion, and by being protective over the ones he loved. There will forever be love in our hearts for our boy Goldie. RIP Boo Boos! (2005-2016)

       *McIntyre, Beverly Smokey was always at the door when I walked into the house making sure she greeting me. Once I sat on the couch to relax she was right their by my side making sure her body was touching mine. She at times would wrap herself around the back of my neck with that constant purr. She always made sure she rubbed against me just walking down the hallway. Smokey will always be in my heart. (1989-2006)

N through Z

       *Revel, Sharon Lady was a dear friend and companion growing up as a kid. Whenever I was sad she would cuddle with me and make the hurt go away. She always was in the middle of all my activities making sure was the center of attraction. Always will be loved and remembered. (1967-1971)

           *Strahan, Brendan Hershey was a two-year old guinea pig, he was the best. He would come out in the morning and be climbing the cage. He liked belly rubs. He was the best guinea pig you could ever have. Love you Hersh (8-17-2013)